The constantly changing environment is one of the results of global changes that contemporary society has been experienced as a result of the development and acceleration of social mobility and migration. 

However, these changes do not extend to the clothing habits and routines of how to get dressed and how we define them in everyday life. Considering the findings of the research paper “La Vie En Vogue: Contemporary Criteria of Style and Aesthetics and the Power of the Conventional Fashion World“, the perception of reality gets broadened, deeply rooted stereotypes break and traditional mindsets and clothing conventions get reviewed, against the background and with the aim of challenging the concept of new stylistic and aesthetic criteria, meaning conscious engagement with elements of change and diversity, emerges as an approach that addresses new sustainable thinking. 

The key questions are: What impact does new stylistic and aesthetic criteria have on processes of identification and fashion garment lifespans? 

To what extent can self awareness be structurally linked to decreasing the environmental impact arising from the overarching ideal of the latest fashion trends in an ever-changing fashion world?

Hannah Glaser is a multidisciplinary designer and fashion scholar. With a BA in Visual Communication and a MA in Multichannel Trade Management in Textile Business, Hannah observes questions of identity, ideology and clothing through the lens of visual arts and humanities in her work, exploring the intersection of fashion and culture. Highlighting her passion for interdisciplinary research thus far spans the fields of costume history and fashion studies, as well as sociological and psychological topics, Hannah’s work investigates the impact of new stylistic and aesthetic criteria on processes of identification and fashion garment lifespans as an approach that addresses new sustainable thinking.